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Work-life balance Based on the EQLS, 66% of respondents in Luxembourg were too tired from work to do some of the household jobs which need to be done at least several times a month.

This work–life balance indicator has deteriorated from 39% in 2003, and is now also higher than the respective EU28 average of 59% in 2016.

Read more Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) Eurofound's Governing Board represents the social partners and national governments of all Member States, as well as the European Commission.

Read more Nadine Welter Ministère du travail et de l'emploi Patricia Hemmen Business Federation Luxembourg (FEDIL) Véronique Eischen-Becker Luxembourg Confederation of Independent Trade Unions Other country-specific information may be available in certain areas on demand.

To help them, several solidarity projects exist in many areas in the Grand Duchy.) aims at improving the situation of road victims and their relatives through moral and legal support, and useful advice.

Located in Howald, the association also works on prevention to reduce car accidents. The Luxembourg Caritas Foundation is active in the area of solidarity and integration, urgent humanitarian aid and development cooperation. This association aims to provide women, their children and young girls an effective protection against violence through the development and management of shelters for women and young girls in distress, information and consultation centres.

Serve The City was properly created to cover volunteering projects, before and after they take place.

Do you want to become a volunteer and take part in solidarity projects?

The team has grown since its creation and has now about twelve members.

Above all, it is a human bridge between people who have the resources and people in need.

These programmes form the basis for the European Commission's proposals for country-specific recommendations (CSRs) for each Member State.

European Commission: The European Semester European Commission: The European Semester - EU country-specific recommendations​European Commission: European Semester documents for Luxembourg Correspondents report on topics related to developments in the countries working life and inform Eurofound’s pan-European comparative analysis.

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