Poor people dating

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What's the point of staying comfortable in a world that rewards taking life by the balls? She was amazing and I was pretty torn up when she moved and we broke up.

The thing is the post probably wouldn't have been as popular if OP had worded it "Guy tells a story about dating a super rich girl and it wasn't all that great"Incorporate a circlejerking topic ("SNOBBY BITCHES SUCK/FUCK RICH PEOPLE" in this case) into a title, whether or not it exists in the article, and watch the sweet sweet karma flow I've dated a girl whose daddy was near billionaire rich, and she was as thrill seeking and adventurous as any girl I've ever been with, and very much down to earth. It follows the mindset that pictures lose their allure while memories last forever.

Yeah, some relationships end when the money dries up, just like "sugar daddy"/"sugar baby" (OMG, what a creepy phrase) arrangements.

The person who loves you, though, will stand by your broke ass even if the checks start bouncing and all your stuff gets repossessed -- and that's priceless.

He's not even explaining why rich girls in general might not be great, certainly not why dating all rich girls are great, just why dating this one girl who happens to be super rich wasn't worth the super rich. I was doing just fine before I married her, and I certainly didn't marry for money. I agree wholeheartedly, as I married a girl from a very well off family.

Not his fault though since he didn't write this best-of title. I married her because I enjoy spending time with her more than anyone on the planet and I'm crazy about her. Aside from the times we go on vacation with her family to some compound they own in Vail or Costa Rica or some place else in a big private jet with a private chef and some other staff, we live a very normal life. She loves vacations and getting dressed up for fancy dinners every once in a while, just as every girl/guy does.

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