Policy on dating coworkers

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If you choose to create a consensual romance contact, include a copy of it in the employee handbook so all employees will be aware ahead of time of what the contract looks like and what it entails.A consensual romance contract asks the employees in a romantic relationship to indicate that the relationship is consensual, that the pair won’t engage in favoritism, and that neither will take legal action against the employer or each other if the relationship ends.If the company is willing to work with the couple, then it is more likely that the lovebirds will communicate their problems in an appropriate manner.However, employees may also have good reason to try to keep their relationship secret.It has nothing to do with mutual attraction or consensual behaviour.

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Include information on inappropriate conduct and the expectation that the relationship won’t affect others or their individual work.Example: A young employee and her boss engaged in consensual sexual intercourse on four occasions.The woman’s boss engaged in a range of other conduct of a sexual nature. However, the court also found that certain acts – including giving the woman gifts of a sexual nature, such as underwear, sending explicit text messages and attempting to share a bunk bed – was unwelcome sexual harassment Sexual harassment in the workplace is against the law.Here are some key components of a successful workplace romance policy: State what is not acceptable–Define exactly what types of relationships will and will not be tolerated and why.Example: Dating someone you report to or who reports to you causes a direct conflict of interest for both of you–and for the company.

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