Pisces dating libra

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On the other hand, Pisces complains that Libra spends too much time talking and is too focused on logic at the expense of emotions.PISCES-LIBRA COMPATIBILITY CHALLENGES The strong element of vagueness and inconsistency in a Pisces-Libra relationship may represent the main challenge for these two star signs.

The Pisces man is romantic, selfless and emotion-led, all wrapped into one perfect package.Libra and Pisces share a very flexible and open-minded outlook and both find it easy to look at issues through others' eyes.But herein lies the main root of this couple’s difficulties in that while both are only too willing to concede to the other’s wishes, at the same time neither is insufficiently sure of their own position to know what they really want.The emotionally needy – and at times rather moody – Fish can be hard to comprehend for logical Libra who, although very keen on talking things through, isn't always that great at relating to others' feelings.But because Pisces and Libra are both born peacemakers, linked by a dislike of all forms of injustice and ugliness, they can help each other with their common goal of spreading a little sunshine in the world.

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