Ozyory dating

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In 2002, of the Scientific-technical Council of the Ministry of transport of Russia, the Scientific-technical Council of the Ministry of Railways of Russia and the interagency working group on high-speed off-street transport was held in the town of Ozyory, Moscow region, where the first test site of the first Sky Way generation was built.The subject of the discussion was the Sky Way transport project, which at that time was in desperate need of financial support.Media support also strengthened, increasing manifold both the army of investors, helping the project, and the army of skeptics who regularly blamed Yunitskiy personally and the whole Sky Way team with selfish goals.

In January 2015 Anatoly Yunitskiy received (in Russian) to the Russian Ministry of transport, and in February 2016 the General director-General designer of Sky Way Technologies Co.And in order to supply itself by itself, it is necessary at least to cut down the expenses of the state budget.For comparison: Russia on average spends on the repair and construction of motor roads alone almost three times more than on the space program, and about 10% less than on healthcare.In this respect, the Sky Way project announced itself as a new competitor in the field of transportation.A competitor who shows great hopes and claims a leading position through the efficiency and low capital costs of construction and further operation, which is an important factor in the conditions of economic crisis prevailing in Russia.

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