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Wadsworth, 2012) Overall, to avoid making, spreading, or believing hasty generalizations, take a step back, analyze the opinion, and consider the source.If a statement comes from a biased source, then the point of view behind it needs to highlight your understanding of the stated opinion, as it gives it context. Therefore, everyone who used the program lost weight. 3) Everyone who responded to the survey said the exercise program helped them lose weight. For example, it is a hasty generalization to infer all redheads are mean after meeting only three redheads. The most common type of hasty generalization is generalizing from too small a sample size.It takes a small sample and tries to extrapolate an idea about that sample and apply it to a larger population, and it doesn't work. Edward Damer explains: "It is not uncommon for an arguer to draw a conclusion or generalization based on only a few instances of a phenomenon.

Therefore, members of Congress are adulterers."- An environmental group illegally blocked loggers and workers at a nuclear plant."It was a rainy day in Harvard Square, so the foot traffic through the atrium from Mass Ave to Mount Auburn Street was heavier than it might have been if the sun were out.A lot of people were carrying umbrellas, which most of them furled inside.I had always thought that Cambridge, in the vicinity of Harvard, might have had the most umbrellas per capita of any place in the world. In my childhood, in Laramie, Wyoming, we used to think people who carried umbrellas were sissies.It was almost certainly a hasty generalization, but I had never encountered a hard argument against it." ("Sixkill." Putnam, 2011) By definition, an argument based on a hasty generalization always proceeds from the particular to the general.

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