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Not only do the two actors have chemistry, but what really drove the orgasmic nail in the sex coffin is when Ms.Moore downright urges her partner to come inside her. Now, we all know Eva Green is a walking, talking lump of sex appeal.A proper, wild sex scene could make or break a movie, be it a college comedy where Jason Biggs literally sticks his penis in a pie or Ron Burgundy slaps his own butt while making love to a woman.The point is, those moments of sensual pleasure in film are the ones responsible for setting that all-important tone we viewers want.We tastemakers have provided you with an eclectic selection of the best films to suggest the next time a certain someone invites you over for a cuddle, or vice versa.

But until Netflix creates a “Netflix and Chill” category–a real one, this time–you might find yourself struggling to come up with new movie suggestions to keep things fresh.

And rarely has there been a film that fuses sex and sincerity so well, especially during a scene where the two main characters, Emma and Adele, experience the physical pleasures of same-sex relationships for the first time.

Some critics say this scene counts as porn, but that just proves how well—or even committed—the actresses were during filming. There is a particular scene from , a drama film starring Diane Lane, which ticks off three key fetish points on our checklist to warrant a spot on this list.

There’s no question about it: ’s oral sex scene featuring Chloe Sevigny and some dick takes the throne here.

No, there aren’t any digital manipulations here; just good ol’ fellatio caught on tape.

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