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Once I started diligently tracking my expenses, I realized that bookkeeping is hard and while not a huge commitment like I mentioned, it does take some time. On Saver, just enter the amount of purchase, select from 15 choices to categorize your purchase, and if you so please, enter a tag for it and some notes about the purchase.

(This makes it easy to track those ambiguous purchases and spending made with Pay Pal.) My favorite thing about Saver is how it takes your expenses and compiles it into interactive pie charts by time period, and then by category.

Being able to track a recurring expense is a feature that Toshl Finance does offer.

The tradeoff is that Toshl isn’t as slick, and has a heavier slant on budgeting, which was not something I was looking for.

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There are plenty of other financial mobile apps that deserve to stand alongside Mint — and they may benefit you in other ways.There’s even the option to let any unused money in a budget to roll over to the next week or month.There’s greater flexibility with categorizing within Toshl: you can create all the categories to your heart’s content, though some users may prefer a preset number of choices.It is currently priced at .99 monthly or .99 for the year.Toshl is available on the web for both account types, in a similar way that users can access Mint via web or app.

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