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In the end after Hal's defeat, Megamind got his Brainbots to repair all the damage he and Hal had done to Metro City, and he was praised as the new hero by everyone (including a disguised Metro Man).

As for Hal, he was imprisoned in Megamind's old cell, serving a life sentence as punishment for his crimes against Metro City.

When Hal Stewart was cameraman of news reporter Roxanne Ritchi, he clearly had a crush on her, but his attempts at flirting with Roxanne only made her very uncomfortable.

While Roxanne was snooping around the headquarters of the supervillain known as Megamind, Hal accidentally got hit by Megamind's serum, which gave him the powers of the seemingly deceased superhero Metro Man.

Megamind was quickly defeated and awaited to go to jail again, but Tighten refused to turn him over to the police, and instead tried to kill him, forcing Megamind to flee in terror.

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The first thing 'Tighten' did was kidnap Roxanne under the pretense of 'rescuing' her, dropping her several times only to catch her again.

Believing that being a hero means to get the girl for himself rather than fighting for the greater good, Hal decided he was better being a villain and went on an unseen crime spree.

After leaving Megamind waiting for several hours, Tighten meet the villain in his home and offered a partnership, with him as the muscular brawn and Megamind as the 'brain with glasses'.

However, this failed, forcing Megamind to escape and leaving to find out that Metro Man was actually alive, having faked his death to retire being a superhero and focus on a career in music, as he felt tired battling Megamind and that he never had a choice of what he wanted to be in life.

The towns people initially congratulated Tighten for freeing them from Megamind, but Tighten responded that he was actually taking over as the new villain by saying "I wouldn't say 'free', more like...under new management!

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