Love and dating quiz

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You never really choose who you fall in love with, which is why sometimes you might find yourself dating someone who doesn't have a job or the will to get one.

This can cause your relationship to dwindle for some time, but if you love someone you'll stick by them.

So, imagine that your boyfriend or girlfriend is extremely sick and in need of assistance.

However, you know that if you go to their place to take care of them, you might catch their sickness. When you truly love someone, their looks become a bonus overtime.

If your gf or bf became extremely lazy, would you get fed up and break things off with them?

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There are a hundred ways you can act when you like someone, but more often than not, people are going to act shy and reserved around their crushes.

Knowing what your best traits are and using them to your advantage can help you snag the hottie you've been crushing on. If they said they didn't want fries and then start eating yours— deal with it!

When you're in a relationship, it's important to try and keep things interesting.

Are you the type of person who is going to flirt with the person you like?

In order for you to be ready for a serious relationship, you should probably know what it's like to devote most of your time to something — like a job.

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