Leighton meester is dating

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From how they met and how they are raising their daughter to their thoughts on Blair and Seth, all of it and more can be found right here!So get ready to read, because this list contains some great info about some great people." from 2016, Adam Brody discussed how different things would have been if he had been starring in a hit teen drama in today’s day and age—with TMZ and Twitter and such.Back then, he felt like he still had a fair amount of privacy, and it is sad to think that he may not feel that way anymore, since he, Leighton Meester, and Arlo do not share much with the world.Her birthday is that they had plans to start a family and that she likes “the grown-up stuff” and that her friends were all getting married... And, according to the actress, they are a “ magazine that his favorite tradition with his daughter is hiking.He said that a nice morning hike is a treat and that they go really early in the morning, since watching the sunrise with a kid is pretty fun.It was a small wedding, with just close family and friends—and it was beautiful. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico from February 12 to 15, but nothing was confirmed on whether or not this was their official honeymoon. And then in 2015—specifically, in late September of that year—it came out that the couple had welcomed their baby girl into the world.Of course, these two wanted to keep things private, but also, of course, TMZ obtained the birth certificate, stating that their daughter was named Arlo Day Brody and that she had been around for a little bit of time already! We can’t predict the future, but we can say that if these two lovebirds want to bring another beautiful baby into the world... It may sound tough being a celebrity and a parent, but Meester pointed out that after filming long and intense hours, she and her husband get rewarded with months off at a time—which they use to be at home with Arlo.

Leighton Meester’s Family: · Father – Douglas Meester (IT specialist) · Mother – Constance Meester (writer) · Siblings – Douglas (Brother), Alexander (younger brother) Leighton Meester Dated: Leighton Meester’s Personal trainer: Justin Felahi is Meester’s personal trainer.

Adam Brody also writes screenplays and songs during his spare time; in 2005, he was the drummer for a band called Big Japan, and since 2010, he has been the drummer for The Shortcoats.

Leighton Meester was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but she grew up in Marco Island, Florida, where she was involved in plays at a local playhouse.

Though, they were already so good at keeping things on the down low, so they probably did not have anything to worry about!

Then, on February 15, 2014, they were married in by the ocean.

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