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Its really annoying to see someone bullshitting about a cheap-instant-ramen TV show comparing to a seasonal focusing drama. there is still potential for season 3, a lot of questions were answer but the bad guy still on the lose, at least they know who is secretary kim, to think that he is so close, secretary kim alone can not do anything, there must be someone higher than him giving him the order or backing him up, someone more powerful. ^^ I am a fan of Qo M 1 and of course I have high expectation on Qo M season 2.hope there will be season 3, and hope they will keep the cast, too many changing is no good. When it aired, I follow every episode until episode 13 and stop, I decided to delay the rest episodes til it finished.How did the chief’s daughter pass when all she does is take selfies and spends daddy’s money.

I hope next season wil be at the same station because i really like the all character there!!

I even watch Tempation you guys looks more majority and pretty keep up the good look.

Kwon Sang Woo bride-to-be, Son Tae Young made her first public statement on 25th July since their wedding announcement was made known.

There must be a lot of geniuses in the police department if she can’t even pass the exam. The final case was a slope to the next season where it finally reveals chief Kim (and yes, the evil chief Kim, not the hilarious chief Kim we all love). I liked the new characters a lot, especially Da Hee (after seeing her on RM).

Im sure if your are a fan of mystery, detective or thrilling, its so easy to know who is chief Kim from the very first scene in this season. I also liked how not every case is a serial murder case. A lot of questions still remain, so I'm looking forward to season 3. I think this season was fun, but there was something a bit off about it that didn't make it as good as the first season.

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