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Abby has a bad habit of sharing all the intimate de- tails of her love life with Max; Will is a photographer and his first public showing was a nude photograph of Abby that he took when they first moved in to- gether. The stories (mostly dramas) are designed to teach lessons — from responsibility to caring to moral decisions and featured name stars in top quality (and often Emmy nominated) stories. A collection of pilot films and other dramatic and comedic productions. The other pre- sentations were A Tale of Two Cities (May 3rd and May 10th, 1953 with Wendell Corey Charlton Young, Wanda Hendrix and Judith Evelyn), Hogan's Daughter (May 17, 1953, with Sheila Bond and Joshua Shelley), Split Second (June 7, 1953,with Geraldine Fitzgerald, Alan Webb and Fredric Wor- lock). Before marrying and becoming a housewife, Cheryl held a job as a claims adjuster at an insurance company. Ace is an eccentric pri- vate detective struggling to stay in business. Ace's attempts to find the source of a security leak in a large corporation. Guest Cast: Ron Steinberg {Father), Carol Bagdasarian {Daughter), Paul Michael Glaser {Son). The pilot relates Tom and his wife, Jenny's, move from New York City to the country — and into a decrepit farmhouse. While performing in a Broadway production of South Pacific, Meg Prescott meets Ben Madison, an ad- mirer who comes backstage to congratulate her. Ben is a widower with three children (Laura, Zan and Jimmy) and Meg gives up her acting career to care for her new family in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Brent was also married five times and the star of an ill-fated TV series called "Scuba Sleuth." When CBS cancels his series.

Cast: Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Abby Walker), Kadeem Hardison (Will Jeffries), Randy J. A long running series of monthly specials geared to teenagers that aired on Wednesday (then Thursday) afternoons at 4 P. Stars Include: Tammy Lauren, Cloris Leachman, Felicity Hufiman, Megan Follows, Loretta Swit, Red Buttons, Jodie Foster, Lance Kerwin, Jim Backus, Jerry Van Dyke, Helen Slater, Concetta Tomei, David Huddleston, Michele Greene, Carrie Snod- gress, Brooke Bundy, Beau Bridges, Tim Conway, Ruth Buzzi, Shelley Fabares, Dick Sargent, Danny Aiello, Laura Dean, Edward Albert, Cathy Rigby, Richard Roundtree, John Savage, Patricia Kalem- ber, Kristy Mc Nichol, Delia Reese, Tracey Gold, Patty Duke, Martha Plimpton, Melba Moore, Marisa Tomei, Melissa Sue Anderson, Marion Ross. For information on the pilot films that aired, see the following titles: Colo- nel Humphrey J. Baby and Me (June 14, 1953, with Janis Paige and Robert Preston) and Tuming Point (June 21, 1953 with Neva Patterson, Richard Ney and Johnny Stew- art). Stories relate events in the lives of Jim and Cheryl, but especially Jim as he goes about trying to impress people with his own ideas of parenting, working, heading a house and just en- joying life. The unsold series, which served as the basis for Green Acres, was to relate Tom and Jenny's misadventures as they attempt to adjust to a new life. The pilot episode relates Meg's efforts to win over the af- fections of Zan, Ben's second-born child, who seems to resent her. Cast: Sandy Duncan {Meg Madison), Charles Frank {Ben Madison), Cami Cooper {Laura Madi- son), Hayley Carr {Zan Madison), Joel Carlson {Jimmy Madison), Miriam Byrd Nethery {Dede Mc Kenna), Michael Filerman. Brent runs for the office of sheriff of Lo Miceda County in an ef- fort to become a real hero and impress his fans.

Lou was also a Junior G-Man (a graduate of a through-the-mails detective school) and carried a toy cap pistol around with him for protection. The trial of a doctor who is accused of hastening the death of a woman afflicted with a terminal disease. The story of Liz Cunningham, a pregnant, unwed librarian, as she struggles to keep her child despite the embarrass- ment the birth will bring to the child's married fa- ther (Dave Collins). Cast: Juhet Mills (Susan Ma- roni), Virginia Vincent (Marian Webb), Colby Chester (Leonard Walters), Sam Vickers (Joseph Bernard), Charles Schu U (John Ryan). Cast: Sondra Locke (Nora Sells), Lola Albright (Mary Fiske), Rue Mc Clanahan (Carol Babcock), Marge Redmond (Mrs. Les was a capable and entertaining host, but his lack of respect for television tradition did not fare well with viewers — or critics and the show was canceled after a year. She had a high paying (but do nothing job) at a fashion magazine (which she got by sleeping with the publisher) but now works at a fash- ion boutique called Jeremy's.

"We've got to raise some money" is often said by Bud, as he and Lou are always behind in their seven dollar a week rent and finding work becomes a pri- ority. Guests: Harry Be- lafonte, Sidney Poitier, Diahann Carroll, George Kirby, Redd Foxx, Diana Sands, Richard Pryor, Pig- meat Markham, Moms Mabley. Cast: June Lockhart (Katherine Telford), Jack Stauffer (David Laughton), Renne Jarrett (Alice Laugh ton), John Lupton (Dr. Cast: Katherine Helmond (Liz Cunningham), Joel Fabiana (Dave Collins), Pat O'Brien (Dr. Saffy was born in 1975 and is called, among other things, "Little bitch troll from hell" by Patsy for her virtuous outlook on life. The first of two unsold spin-offs from The Facts of Life (see next title also).

Pilot film entries contain, in addition to the proposed series cast, the guest casts for the episode. Whether you are looking for the first real- ity show {TV Wedding, 1931), the first kids' show (Jack and the Beanstalk, 1941) or who played Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless (Eric Braeden), you'll find it here and countless other facts. A television adaptation of the three-act Broadway play by Robert E. A proposed spin-off from Laredo about Jab Heller, a gunslinger who fights for right. A charming children's series that is set at the Abra Kadabra Shop, a mystical store where magi- cian Mark Mazzarella explains the world of magic to children. Edina Monsoon (called Eddy) and Patsy Stone are friends whose wild life styles provide the premise as they attempt to show the world that fame and style take priority over sub- stance. Eddy and Patsy are not your typical American TV heroines — they drink and do drugs and their antics in these stoned states provide the physical comedy.

It's a new look at an old medium with entries written in a style to fos- ter not only memories but provide an acces- sible and thorough accounting of what has been broadcast over the 82 year period. Sherwood about Abraham Lincoln: his campaign for the posi- tion of U. Senator, his personal life (with Mary Todd), the famous Lincoln-Douglas Debates, and his departure from Illinois in 1861 to Washington, D. The three acts were presented over a seven-week period (April 15, May 20 and May 27, 1945). The contestants are placed opposite each other and presented with clues concerning incidents in their past lives. In the pilot episode, a woman (Ruth) who believes that her con- demned husband is not a killer, hires Jab to clear his name before the hanging. Guest Cast: Lola Albright [Lilah Evans), John Kellogg {Brad Scanlon) , Laraine Stephens {Ruth Phelps), Anthony Hayes {Tom Phelps), Jonathan Hole {Undertaker), Hal Bay- lor {Mott), Myron Healey {Frank Garrett). Sketches feature the antics of the pup- pet Harry the Rabbit; the Mystery Question Voice poses questions to Mark and Harry. Henry Crawford is a physics professor at Medford College in the small town of Medford. Eddy is the mother of Saffron and lives with her somewhat senile mother June on Holland Park Road in London, England. Saffron (called Saffy) is appalled at the way her mother acts.

Encyclopedia of Television Shows, 1925 through 2007 Encyclopedia of Television Shows, 1925 through 2007 Also by Vincent Terrace AND FROM Mc FARLAND Experimental Television, Test Films, Pilots and Trial Series, 1925 through 1995: Seven Decades of Small Screen Almosts (1997; softcover 2008) Television Specials: 3,201 Entertainment Spectaculars, 1939 through 1993 (1995; softcover 2008) Encyclopedia of Television Subjects, Themes and Settings (2007) Television Characters: 1,485 Profiles, 1947-2004 (2006) Radio Program Openings and Closings, 1931-1972 (2003) The Television Crime Fighters Factbook: Over 9,800 Details from 301 Programs, 1937-2003 (2003) Crime Fighting Heroes of Television: Over 10, 000 Facts fi-om 151 Shows, 1949-2001 (2002) Sitcom Facfinder, 1948-1984: Over 9,700 Details from 168 Television Shows (2002) Television Sitcom Factbook: Over 8, 700 Details from 130 Shows, 1985-2000 (2000) Radio Programs, 1924-1984: A Catalog of Over 1800 Shows (1999) Television Character and Story Facts: Over 110, 000 Details from 1,008 Shows, 1945-1992 (1993) Encyclopedia of Television Shows, 1925 THROUGH 2007 Vincent Terrace Preface; Entries 1-2501 (A-E) Mc Farland &. 4 volume set — ISBN 978-0-7864-3305-6 softcover : 50# alkaline paper (^) 1. This book is the first and only attempt to capture, in one source, those programs broadcast from the long forgotten days of the 1920s and 30s to the programs tele- cast during 2007.

When Hillary calls on Lou she brings him cream puffs. (Ambassador Otis), Michael Redgrave (Simon de Canterville), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Carver, a retired criminal lawyer who still feels the need to seek justice. Carver hires Patrick and Greg to gather the evidence he needs to defend his clients. Marcos is an undercover agent for the Mexican government who poses as a cab driver but works with the H. The series revolves around the problems that befall an "Accidental Family." Marty Warren is Jerry's manager; Irv Webster is Jerry's father; Hank is Susannah's ex-husband.

U5 T463 2009 791.45' 750973 -dc22 2008032753 British Library cataloguing data are available ©2009 Vincent Terrace.

You will see many exam- ples of courageous efforts at pushing forward with the medium in entries with "Experi- mental Programs" in the descriptors follow- ing the program title.

When there is a situation that involves a friend (or stranger) who is in trouble, Bud always remarks "Costello will get you out of this." Bud and Lou also tried their hand at becoming cops by attending po- lice rookie school. Unknown to 7 Access I 25 Blair, Buzz is a Dead End Kid and only accepts the date with Blair to prove to a fellow cadet that he can get a living doll to kiss him before curfew. The main operatives are Ashley Hunter Coddington, Catherine Avery Pascal, Mike Savage and Krissie Valentine. She can read lips, is an expert on weapons and explosives and skilled in the marital arts.

While the rules of the rooming house are quite strict ("no cooking cabbage in the apartment; no door slamming; no loud radio playing after ; no pets; no babies") Lou most often breaks the no-pet rule with Bingo the Chimp, a chimpanzee he adopted while working in the pet shop. Cast: David Ackroyd {Major Tim Dorsey; the Headmaster), Jimmy Baio {Cadet Buzz Ryan), Peter Frechette {Cadet George Knight), John E Navin, Jr. Ashley, the group leader, has the code name Sarong. Joanna, born in the Mid- west, replaced Krissie as the team's computer oper- ations specialist.

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