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Koreans don’t have a good reputation in my country, and a lot of things had happened in the past between me and my husband that my family didn’t want me to go through again. My husband was able to gain my family’s trust, and despite his father’s disapproval, he came back for me.Perhaps it was his determination that changed his father’s mind in the end.

I get upset whenever I have to do something against my will, but I just try to do what I can to avoid conflicts with the in-laws.

The best solution is to NOT get under the in-laws’ skin by NOT doing the things that they don’t like. My father-in-law, despite his authoritarian ways, is thoughtful and generous.

My parents-in-law may be strict and closed-minded, but they are not that bad. Whenever I feel like they are being unfair, I think about their goodness, so I don’t develop a negative feeling towards them. She told me that defiance will lead to more misunderstandings, so as long as I am under my parents-in-law’s roof, I should learn how to live by their rules.

The other night, I was asking my husband if he remembers “our song”.

He said he remembers it, but he doesn’t know the lyrics, so I sang it to him.

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