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Soon numbers were exchanged and we talked about cars, bikes, politics, sports and video games.

I was confused — was this the reason I had joined Tinder? To have general, casual conversations with people around me? We decided to meet for beer and the agenda was to have a detailed debate on the current political situation. We got very drunk, had heated arguments, and ended up becoming great friends.

At the traffic signal, I got a call from him: ‘My car is behind yours, and if you didn’t mind the arguments, let’s talk for some more time.’ We drove to his apartment for another round of beers. It was the first time I was kissed by a guy and I lost myself in him. I stayed with him for one full day and night, as it was the weekend, and we loved each other up like anything.

There was sex and conversations on the sofa, in the kitchen, in the washroom, on the carpet, and in every possible place in the apartment. The best part was that there was a lot of respect and genuine love, which reflected in our attitude towards each other.

I told him if I sexted anymore, I would have to take seven dips in the Ganges. By the time I got the fourth one, all my squeamishness had left the room, or rather, the train. I’ve matched and immediately unmatched with some for very valid reasons, like when they say ‘Hai’ instead of ‘Hi’. That, combined with the fact that I was slightly tipsy and alone in another country, made that sexting session a good one.

I was on an overnight train when a British bloke I matched with started sexting me. He looked like a dream and only talked about banging this exotic chick (me) in various cities around Europe. Then he added a picture of his phallus, turned the setting to private, and sent me the link. Some I’ve unmatched after a week of deep conversations that went: Hi how are you have a great day. I couldn’t bring myself to go beyond ‘hmmm’ and ‘oooh’, but what he wrote was so much better than a novel.

Last updated on August 25th, 2019 If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Calcutta with a dating guide then we have you covered.

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The rest have mostly been passers-by, the ones I match with when they’re in town for a day or swiping from the airport. Some have made it to Whats App, then even to Facebook, but later fallen into that silent black hole of we’re-never-going-to-ever-meet-so-what’s-the-point-of-these-chats. We matched, and he couldn’t stop gushing over this exotic person (me) he had matched with.

Drunk on Old Monk and Coke, we walked back to his place. Like the media guy who took me to a Sangeeta for dinner. My fingers are tired, my brain is tired, my heart is tired. I was jet lagged and woke up at 4 am every morning with nothing to do. Like a noob, I would check everything before I swiped right.

(Ok, I’m not a food snob, but who takes someone to an idlydosavada place for a dinner date, that too the very first date? For two reasons: one, I want to see for just how long he plans to lameass flirt with me and pester me for another date before he knows that I know. I imagined the men I right swiped would be at my doorstep, and that was a scary thought. Guy without a bio had little chance of getting swiped right.

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That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Calcutta with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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