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He played the character on “Freaks and Geeks” during the whole span of the series, which later on reached cult status among many fans.He would then go on to make a name for himself as he mostly appeared on TV in various shows.He is quite a versatile person and has managed to make his career not only known for acting as he has embarked into writing waters as of late, which he does with his partner Jonathan M. But John Francis Daley is still much more recognized as an actor and the fans will mostly recognize him for his two major roles on television shows.The first is of course the acclimated NBC comedy show “Freaks and Geeks,” where he played the role of the main character Sam Weir, and the next one is “Bones,” where he played the character of Dr.Goldstein wrote the black comedy “Horrible Bosses.” In 2013, the two partners wrote The Incredible Burt Wonderstone; Daley also has a minor role as a paramedic in the film.The same year, the two were hired to write for Dream Works Studios “Cal of the Wild.” Daley plays Ben House in Rapture-Palooza.He was once ranked number 94 on VH1 's 100 Greatest Teen Stars.In 2001, Daley co-directed a short film called “What Babies Do.” He starred in the comedy short “Friday Night,” which he wrote.

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But his first role was probably the most important ones as being cast as Sam Weir changed everything for him.They welcomed their first child, a son Basil, in early 2017.John Francis Daley is an American actor, musician, a screenwriter and director.But his biggest project yet is going to be writing the screenplay for the latest Marvel’s movie, “Spider-man-Homecoming” which is going to hit theatres in 2017.John Francis Daley has started off his acting career really young.

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