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To give an example: One site kept asking us to refine our search from “Los Angeles, CA,” to “City Terrace Branch County of Los Angeles Public Library.” Huh?

The winners have thoughtful layouts that make searching, viewing posts, and applying a breeze.

Stick with our top picks, and you won’t have to endure the headache of navigating 30 different tabs, , the page bugging out halfway through an application.

In round two, we evaluated each company’s search results and their relevance.

The best job site should be simple and easy to use, serving you up relevant and recent job listings.

Searching for a new job can be as stressful as it is personal, and the sunk costs of wasted time pouring over job sites can be immense.

We also love the option to filter for jobs “with none of these words” in the title — any easy way to block repeat or irrelevant posts that you’re sick of scrolling past.

When we first reviewed job sites in 2017, we dinged Indeed for its less-than-user-friendly platform.

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came out on top with the greatest volume of listings overall.

Out of the 96 new posts we saw in that time, Indeed had 40 (although Glassdoor followed close behind with 33).

This number is partly thanks to original postings; it’s free for employers to list jobs on Indeed, so it’s the first stop for many companies. Of all the sites we tested, it did the best job scraping other job boards and company websites to find jobs listed elsewhere.

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