Jill bennett dating

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On 17 November 2018, she shared the picture of her daughter, Kylie, and a small baby at Instagram.

As per the Instagram post, her daughter, Kylie left for college in August.

Nevertheless, Jill never forgets to care of her stepdaughter, Kylie.

She keeps an update of Kylie frequently on social media.

She also stated on their 14th anniversary, that her husband acted like the co-pilots in life, who supported her in every bump and the fluctuations of her life.

Kylie is Jill Bauer's stepdaughter, who spends half of her time with Jill and Dough and rest with her mother.

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On 18 October 2003, Jill Bauer and her husband, Doug Dunne tied their nuptial knot.

As Jill Bauer's teenage includes the memories of playing softball with her friends, she was busy with coaching Kylie the softball.

She posted on her facebook that playing softball with her stepdaughter led to the fractured feet. She often gives the glimpses of her family moments at social media.

The couple shares two children, Kylie and Trevor together. She updates her married relationship with Doug on her Instagram.

On their anniversary on 18 October 2014, she posted that her husband is such a loyal father, friend, and a partner.

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