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If the information is correct, the application allows the data to be submitted to the server and (usually) saved in a database; if the information isn't correct, it gives you an error message explaining what needs to be corrected.Form validation can be implemented in a number of different ways.Because you're already using Java Script, using a polyfill isn't an added burden to your website or web application's design or implementation.Let's see how to use this API to build custom error messages.If the entered data follows all of the specified rules, it is considered valid; if not, it is considered invalid.When an element is valid, the following things are true: Adds a custom error message to the element; if you set a custom error message, the element is considered to be invalid, and the specified error is displayed.

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Form validation is focussed towards the user input where as the security validations should be focused on how you use the data.

First, the HTML: attribute to turn off the browser's automatic validation; this lets our script take control over validation.

However, this doesn't disable support for the constraint validation API nor the application of the CSS pseudo-class or other As you can see, the HTML is almost the same; we just removed the HTML validation features.

Here is the PHP script that checks the name for empty input and throws an error if the input is empty.

When we display the form back again, it should not loose the form data the user already had filled-in.

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