Is ann coulter dating a liberal

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She interrupts constantly, talking over her hosts, denying them the chance to butt into her own stream of argument. Another has her interviewer reduced to waving to catch her attention. Her fame is such that she now has not one but two totems of modern celebrity.She has been plagued by stalkers (though the FBI urges her not to talk about it). Viewers of The West Wing who know and have grown to love Ainsley, the clever, sassy, blond-haired Republican who made mincemeat of liberals on a talking-head show, should meet the real-life version. The Coulter phenomenon is about more than just her: it’s rooted in a clutch of current trends in American life, some of which are only just dawning on outsiders.

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What was stunning when New York was hit was how the rest of America rushed to New York’s defence.New Yorkers would have been like, ‘It’s tough for them; now let’s go back to our Calvin Klein fashion shows.’ ” And she does it in print, a medium that would give her the chance to pause, reflect and hesitate–if she wanted to take it.But Coulter goes right in, cheerfully defaming Clinton in Slander as a rapist (“more likely than not,” is her only qualifier) and declaring that US liberals despise their own country.(“If we were a healthier country, that would have been the only question,” she tells me when we meet for lunch in Manhattan.“I praised the old British system when the punishment for an impeachment could be a hanging.”) Coulter certainly has a talent for the incendiary remark, as if thought moves from brain to mouth without even a fractional delay.

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