Ios progress bar not updating

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If your computer loads successfully, you will want to run disk maintenance on your startup disk: Boot your Mac in Recovery Mode.

To load your Mac in Recovery Mode, press and hold the Command (⌘) and R keys while tapping the power button to start your computer.

I've gotten all the way to where it wants to install the same update that messed it up in the first place and also it says it is going to erase all my songs and I have to repurchase here is the update - do I go ahead and accept?

The actual software seemed to download in 10 minutes. Its the black screen with the white Apple logo and the white progress bar underneath.

You can stop holding the Command (⌘) and R keys when you see an Apple logo and progress bar.

At the screen where Apple asks you to select a language, simply press enter.

It's a third-party tool that provides an efficient solution for i OS issues.

ios progress bar not updating-86

Actually, I started installing the i OS 12 in the morning and my i Phone stuck on verifying update screen for 5 hours. Will the new update installation taking some time or not? without i Tunes and they are likely to get verifying update screen for a long time.Most probably, it should get resolved as rebooting an i Phone can resolve up to 70% of the issues.If the hard reset doesn't make any change and you face that i Phone stuck on the Verifying Update issue again, try this Sleep/Wake button trick.ok, have done so but connector is with my ipod, not ipad connector because i Pad accessories are at home.screen on ipad is doing same thingitunessetup exe downloaded on my PC so I clicked on run, I think it is loading again on my pc.

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