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He made a sad observation: if you want to get a smile from the child, it is better not to talk to the children about their father, otherwise the mood drops suddenly.Fathers have either disappeared from their lives or otherwise it is impossible to associate them with something joyful. I'm not going to discuss the prospect of getting married after 40 years.Stronger sex workers are more likely to die in car accidents, die of alcoholism, and become victims of accidents in the workplace. And the suicide rate in Latvia in 2008 jumped by 16% - this is the EU record.The first marriage after 40 years is a miracle of the cure with the help of Borzhomi, when the kidneys refused to function, says psychologist and gestalt therapist Irena Goluba: - Recently, I spoke with a photographer who works in kindergartens.

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The change in the system in Latvia was more easily experienced by Latvian women.

A man can sit in front of his computer for days, or lie in front of the television, while being sure that he can easily get in touch with a charming and attractive young woman, as soon as it is necessary.

Sociologist Baiba Belte said that initially more boys are born in Latvia, but somewhere between 30 and 40 years the number of women suddenly takes over from the number of men, because in this age group, male mortality is 3 times higher than that of women (!!!! There are various explanations: driving, alcoholism and inattention in the workplace. The moral of this story is that it makes sense for Western single men to go in search of quality wives in the Baltic States.

The journalist supported his conclusions with sad statistics, as well as with the testimonies of two unmarried Latvian girls aged 29 who are experts in the field.

It is a fact that girls in Latvia are not interested in communicating with local guys: they are less educated, not energetic, but too spoiled by women's attention, and do not even like it.

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