How is jeff hardy dating

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The Hardyz finally realized their life-long dream but were they in for a rude surprise! Multiple pairings - Mark/Jeff/Kane, Hunter/Shawn, Matt/Scott, Kevin/Sean, Chris/? Atfter being forced to move out by his father, Jeff goes to live with his older brother Matt and his boyfriend Adam. After DX's commercial when Shawn snapped because of the elimination playset, Shawn asks Hunter to do him a favor and the game is very reluctant to do so. Slash/violence/sex/OC/multiple pairings There's always one house that no one wants to join.

Will Jeff's brother and his ex drive a wedge in his thing with Adam or can Jeff and Adam overcome what everyone else wants? Jedam, Mavan, Shawter, Jo Mo/Miz, Candy, Codiase, etc. The pets are allowed only to valet, but that doesn't mean bad things still don't happen.

Some of the best storylines in professional wrestling are those that somewhat mirror actual events and people, and there have even been a few that brought real-life into the ring.

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Done A twist on the classic Disney movies and a few other ones. UP NOW: THE LITTLE MERMAIDWhen the government takes over, only a few handfuls of people manage to stay free. Jeff tries to be there for everything but it's hard when he still has to work. A group of young up and coming Superstars head off to summer camp together. Lots of slash, violence, alcohol, language, Jedam, Codiase, Candy, Mavan, Chris/Jay, Shawter... Adam has his hands on Jeff once again and now Jay isn't around to help Matt save him. Jedam, Mavan, Candy, Codiase, Shawter, more slash, language, violence Sequel to D Generation X v. Alexis is pregnant and it doesn't help her situation that Legacy just doesn't want to leave her alone.Some slash, OCViena Valo and Bam Margera are guests on Raw for as long as they'd like.Viena meets Jeff her first day and Jeff starts to fall and fall hard. You win the shot, the loser has to do whatever the winner wants. What happens when the others want a piece of her as well? Anything the winner wants and they have to go through with it.

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