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The company promised improvements like enhanced electronics for a quicker and “more intuitive” medium-format experience.

Hasselblad further claimed that the start-up time on the X1D II has been reduced by 46 percent, continuous shooting is increased by 35 percent while the live view frame rate has been increased by 62 percent.

The various LF Ektars are quite sharp and have lovely tonal qualities; and the spectacular performance of the Zeiss 135/5.6 Makro-Planar certainly was a factor in the success of several long-term research projects I was part of. and in fact my favorite LF lens is still the 135/6.3 Wide Field Ektar.

But there's no need to denigrate one brand over another.

The upgrades target more to responsive and snappier camera but it is still no replacement for smaller format mirrorless cameras for shooting sports or other fast action.

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The new camera looks the same as the previous model, from its design, size, and appearance to its 50-megapixel, medium-format sensor.

I made a good part of my living at EK in the 80s-90s with a 8-1/2 f/6.3 Commercial Ektar, and until 2010 with Hasselblads that carried various Zeiss lenses.

They were all of superb quality- but it's an apples-to oranges comparison; different formats, different requirements.

Fixed_Calendar ), and it isn't clear which calendar was used for the coding.

Trivia: after visiting Kodak plants, Victor Hasselblad started using a similar system for dating Hasselblad cameras, using the code word "VHPICTURES".

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