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It is well balanced and shoots well from a woods rest as well as offhand.

You’d think that a single-shot would be slim and lightweight, but the thick barrel, large stock of laminated wood, and a 2.5- to 10-power 50-mm scope made the H&R gun tip the scales at 9.3 pounds.

The action is released by pushing a lever on the right side of the external hammer, allowing the barrel to pivot down.I'm a collector and researcher of all types of Harrington & Richardson firearms, ranging from the earliest spur trigger single actions in the mid 1870s, up to and including some of the last pieces they produced before going bankrupt in 1986.I would like to hear about any pieces you may have.I liked the cut checkering on the fore end and the buttstock, and I thought its weight and well-proportioned buttpad made the rifle a joy to shoot.A recent price check in these pages and in the GDTM online classifieds showed a remarkable fact—these guns still sell for around 0.

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