Global address book not updating on pc

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For additional information, also see: Backing up the Address Book.

When you do see your Contacts in the main Contacts folder and the folder is selected as an Outlook Address Book but you still don’t see them when opening your Outlook Address Book or pressing on the To button when composing an email, then you need to change the default message list.

If the folder is there and holds your contacts, then either the folder hasn’t been set as an Outlook Address Book or the Outlook Address Book Service is broken in your mail profile.

To recover from either situation see: Contacts are not available in the Outlook Address Book.

Otherwise, take a fresh copy of your backup or the pst-file that you imported from.

Then connect to the pst-file in Outlook via: File-If you did find your Contacts in that pst-file, you can select them all (CTRL A) and move them (CTRL SHIFT V) or copy them (CTRL SHIFT Y) to your main contacts folder.

You can manually switch the list to your Contacts folder via the Address Book’s dropdown list or change the default via the Address Book Options.

I've never had any issues until a few weeks ago: New users are added to AD (2008R2 functional level) and then mailboxes are created in Exchange.

Everything goes well, the new users signs into Windows, launches Outlook, and the wizard starts setting up their mailbox.

For existing users running Outlook 2013, the new users do not appear in the Global Address List nor in the "All Users" address list.

On the Exchange server, the new users appear in the "All Users" address book when running "Preview" in Edit Address List wizard (EMC All Users) I can run "Update-Global Address List -Identity "Default Global Address List." Command runs successfully with no errors generated.

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