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These islands -- Gardiners, Great Gull, Little Gull, Plum and Robins -- have been the setting of some of Long Island's most exciting historical chapters. One Island woman was tried for witchcraft decades before Salem's trials.Another was so beautiful that she dazzled Washington society, married the President and inadvertently saved his life.

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And the annual cost of taxes and maintenance at Gardiners has been estimated at million.

The bounty includes the world's largest tern colony, ospreys with wingspans up to six feet, turkeys, seals, deer, the state's healthiest eastern mud turtle population, tiny voles, one of the biggest stands of white oak in the northeast, swamp maple and beach plums, to name but a few.

Despite their idyllic image, the islands have figured in conflicts dating back to the Indian wars.

But the sachem and the Englishman also became dear friends -- some say blood brothers -- especially after an enemy tribe kidnapped Wyandanch's daughter and Gardiner personally arranged her safe return. Gardiner's daughter was the first child of English descent born in New York.

She died as a teen-ager, and in her terminal delirium accused an unpopular local woman, Goody Garlick, of witchery.

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