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Decades ago, people didn’t have access to the Internet and only had limited means to meet potential partners, so most people married someone in their neighbourhood.Since 1998, many people have met their partners online (inspired by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s movie “I liked Blendr because it’s such a popular casual dating app that constantly introduced me to hot women.Although there are some complaints about its recent technical issues, Blendr is still highly recommended to those who are interested in one-night-stand and casual flings.Bette Davis once said that getting old is not for sissies.

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” (Robert, Detroit)“I use Blendr to look for dates. Just like other casual dating apps, Blendr has more male members than female members.

That being said, this app still has better users than most dating apps out there.” (Jade Seashell)“Blendr was launched in 2011.

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