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It seemed to glow faintly, but I knew that was just my poor eyesight. I watched how my friend handled the white titanium, laser-etched card. I wanted to hold it badly, but only because I'd read it was as scratchable as your favorite album and as porous as Silly Putty.Would my approaching touch of zero net worth trigger an alarm?When it came time to pay for dinner with my friend and his wife the other night, he said, "No, let us get this." It was a kind gesture.When you don't have to pay for a meal out in San Francisco, the feeling of relief is similar to narrowly avoiding getting hit by a self-driving car in the crosswalk. He used to work in Apple security and now does security for a different Big Tech entity. With a flourish, my friend presented his Apple Card.All it could take is one righteously conservative bank to trigger Apple's reflexive prudishness.Back in 2012, Pay Pal went on a purge of writers and editors of erotica in a ban on "obscene" content: Companies included Book Strand, All Romance Ebooks, Excessica and Smashwords.Like security, privacy promises are only as good as the links in the chain.

Concerns from people in sex-related businesses about Apple's morally policed, gated community make sense.And Apple's recent statements and actions about consumer privacy are pretty exciting.However, it's important to point out that the barrier to Apple's level of privacy and security for shopping requires a pricey new i Phone -- a cost that's out of reach for many people, myself included."To be clear, Mastercard had no involvement in the decision made by Pay Pal to refuse to process payments for certain books," the company said. "In this particular scenario, Mastercard would not take action regarding the use of its cards and systems for the sale of lawful materials that seek to explore erotica content of this nature." Interestingly, Visa's response was similar.

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