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Your profile will include a display of all the Blings you used on site. Then leave a nice summary of your experience with a particular member.This will boost both your credibility and popularity.Basing on a hundred details (distance and age included), 99 Flavors will compute how compatible you are with another member in this section.Another way to amp up your desirability is by having a Top Fan.In this section, the courses a member took are highlighted.Here's the catch, though: Gold members are the only ones who can access the Sex Academy.

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To acquaint potential sexual partners before hooking up, 99 Flavors designed these tests and preference lists: Adapted from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), members choose if they agree or disagree with 25 statements.These statements describe activities and feelings one may experience at work, social gatherings, or sexual encounters.It also gets personal; you may rate 16 statements discussing your hopes and plans.99 Flavors, another of Various Inc.’s risque ventures along with and, is an adult site for the sexually adventurous—singles, couples, and every arrangement in between.A community of personalities who wants to explore, widen, or satisfy their sexual appetite, 99 Flavors makes sure you get to know your possible sexual partner (or partners) first before hooking up.

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