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Your average login prompt, with one additional checkbox: “Disable IM”.

I didn’t check this box when initially logging in (it does have an effect though, as you’ll see later). Classic View has the advantage of showing you a detailed guide of the buttons and actions you can take within it, right away.

Overall, I found Mind Link Anywhere an excellent app for conducting chat conversations.

It gives the user a choice of two different views, starting a chat is as easy as Lync 2013, and you can use it anywhere – get it? My trial started with logging in at an auto-generated URL.

The trial runs on a hosted instance of Lync Server 2013.

Ordinarily, Mind Link installs alongside your on-premise Lync Server.

I must point however, that while Lync clients are available on mobile platforms, Persistent Chat is not. —— As I said earlier, Mind Link Anywhere is a well-developed and useful Lync add-on. Given my already-stated favoritism for Persistent Chat, this is a welcome extension of its reach across platforms.

A slightly larger disadvantage is that Mind Link’s products are separated by platform.

Skype is such a big part of our daily lives that it’s become synonymous with free online voice calling, just as Google has with online searches and Whats App with messaging.

But it can also be a cumbersome piece of software, hogging more system resources than you think it should and not working all that well on mobile platforms, so it’s good to be open to alternatives.

Social Connector shows you what Mind Link’s social media accounts are saying. Mind Link Anywhere (and I suspect all other Mind Link products) uses hashtags, just like Twitter, displayed under a chat room in Classic View.

In Streams View, you have a left-hand column for navigation and starting up chats. These function like page markers: click one and you’re shown where the hashtag was used in conversation.

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