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Dress up, put a smile on your face, and get ready for a new chapter in your life. Then her mouth closed over him, the heat of it unbelievable and he ceased to worry about who might see them. That cover hadn't been a country version, but more like a mainstream ballad arrangement.

This left the viewer with one incontrovertible fact the women whose bodies feed this trade are black women from Africa, brown women from South America, lighter-toned women from Asia and white women from several countries in Eastern Europe.

I know I'll be trying them out the next time I'm out of the country.

If you suffer from crippling self-consciousness while cybering like I do, hiding your face from the camera might not only help but also add an element of mystery, Dr. "It may seem impersonal, but there is something sexy and mysterious about video-chatting with a faceless lover — especially if you’re involved in a committed, intimate relationship with the individual." Emoji flirtation may feel more suited for Tinder, but it can also spice up a long-term relationship.

"Send a cryptic text, a partially clothed sext, or a playful voice note to entice them before your cybersex date," Dr. "Science suggests that the pleasure of anticipation can be as powerful as the pleasurable reward itself."After learning these, I'm feeling much more confident in my ability to have cyber sex without bursting out laughing.

I'm on America Online, in a chat room for young adults.

"Research reveals that couples who use emojis have more sex," says Dr. "And it makes sense, as you can express a range of emotions and desires using graphics that you might be too shy to reveal in words." Plus, whipping out an emoji face is far easier for shy folks than showing your real face.

Foreplay means something slightly different in cyber space, but it's equally important.

For all the identity shifting that occurs on line, teen-agers tend to talk in a uniform way that leaves me scrambling.

For all the crowds and clamoring, there's not much being said in this chat room, or rather, not much that's being paid attention to.

A 16-year-old girl is talking about her baby due in two months.

It would follow then that the 31 million teen-agers of Gen Y or Generation Why or Echo Boomers or Millennials, as this group is variously called, would have completely new ways of perceiving one another and themselves. Teen-age years -- at least in my memory -- are reserved largely for trying out different personas.

As the psychoanalyst Erik Erikson contended, adolescence is a period ''during which the individual through free role experimentation may find a niche in some section of his society, a niche which is firmly defined and yet seems to be uniquely made for him.'' Herein lies the thrill of the on-line self: its malleability, its plasticity, the fact that it can be made up entirely of your own imagination.

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