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A lot of teens and young adults love Kik for its intuitive and functional app interface that makes it easy to chat about anything as if they were doing it via text message.A Kik user might say, "Kik me" followed by their username, meaning that they want you to add them to your Kik contacts so you can both chat on the app.

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If you are looking for an app to make video calling ultra-convenient, the Messenger should be a viable option.Price: Free Download Google Duo didn’t have to work hard to walk into this special list.What sets it apart is the ability to make your video calling absolute fun.Within just over two years of its release in 2010, the Kik Messenger app grew into one of the best and most popular chat platforms available, attracting over 4 million users — called “Kicksters.” By May of 2016, it had over 300 million users.Kik was built to mimic the look and functionality of smartphone SMS text messaging, except of course it works with user profiles and usernames to chat with friends, as opposed to phone numbers.

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