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That's how you're meant to get to know people, not stupid profiles on a website!I have no pictures on the PC atm, but if you're interested send me a message and I can probably Hi, iam looking for new friends in and around the Bristol area, Iam Bi-curious and have a long term male partner, Iam looking for some girlie fun….. Iam not interested in meeting up with other couples I just need my curiosity s Hi just to tell you of some of my good qualities I have.I long for change and a chance to relax and enjoy some of the sights our country has to offer..I would v Just looking to make new friends or whatever.Im very big fan of riding bikes and take them quite seriously as hopeful it will be a career for me sometime soon...... I'm not much of a party lad, I preffer to have a quiet drink rather than a ravin one :)Life is full of good and less good…however, keeping the positive attitude it’s in my nature…always tend to expect the best.:-)) I’m enthusiastic, energetic, and optimistic. Self expressivehi, my name is kaylin, but sum people call me kayla. i dont like the people who are looking for some special intentions and selfishness.i will be a very good friend you in your life. Hey Gals, I am single want to mingle, need a dingle to make my heart tingle to become a jingle for my life . Love those who want to date me and also who don't Hiya all i am new too this was meant to be a laugh with my friends haha.i go..i am Jo i am 19 i am a valentines girl which is my birthday.New to this internet dating thing and i'll be honest i'm not that impressed so far with other sites as no one really seems to chat and get to know you or anything about what makes you tick.Maybe Flirtbox will be Im generally a cheerful person who enjoys with friends but i also like to stay in some nights and watch movies. Well I guess I'm a little bundle of fun, I like playing pranks, having a laugh and having a few pints in the local pub. i want to find that perfect someone out there for me. xx i like the people who are realy caring, lovely and romantic.

Also if you have any questions regarding dating then I'm not like anyone you've ever met before. I bel Have travelled a lot in my career and lived other places, but now feel it would be nice to meet a new friend, I would like to take things a little easier.

music is a big part of my life, i sing play guitar and have been involved in writing for an artist as well as performing through the years and still perusing. well i guess i like some that is down to earth and likes going out.

I work for selling apps for iphone in cim daniel i got blue eyes blonde hair and im built 2. i hate clubbing cause i cant dance to save my life pubs and resturant are cool and a alk in the park, but u must like riding mountain bikeswell my name is mathew im 19 years old and i live in a place called worthing i like fishing football i suppourt chealsea im an outing going person like meeting new people foe a chat and dating i like going clubing and love music i like listing to all sorts fro Hi Im Paul, Havent been on dating sites in ages....

i like to go out on the town wheneva i have cash in my pocket which is often. I'm looking for someone who is easy going likes to chat about anything and everything.

Someone who is kind and caring and looking to get into a serious relationship. Don't let the opportunity pass - Even if you think that I won't reply to you or you think a guy like me won't be interested in you DON'T make assumptions, I am very open minded and have a wide range of Hi Im Gez.

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