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I’ve always fantasised of there being a ‘weight’ preference because for me, it would cut out SO much browsing time, and would make it a lot easier for me to instantly view the men who preferred bigger women.People (including friends and people I just meet, both male and female) say I'm really great to be around with, that I'm easygoing, interesting and fun. I feel like most of the relationship questions on reddit can be partially answered with "go out and do random shit. I've been told I give them a "safe" feeling, as in making them very comfortable within my surroundings.Not a single girl was ever attracted to me romantically. But he also does martial arts, hiking, parties, etc. Get interesting, be active in SOMETHING."I'm obese, not chubby. Current gf tells me she never felt so comfortable being naked around a guy as she's with me. Aaaaand it's cause this guy's a decent dude, and he actually goes out and does shit.

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Today I am going to share a place where every person can find their perfect match.

There is also a good chance they wont even respond to your email (I had to send multiple emails just to get a response).

After everything was said and done the only compensation offered was 100 coins (which honestly was so stupid because I was paying for a premium subscription—what did I need coins for?

On an everyday basis, we are routinely dehumanised to the point of humiliation, and because we are not treated with the same level of basic human decency, love and respect as everyone else, we are automatically reduced to our body parts and are objectified as such.

We are mere vessels to be used for the fun, humiliation and sexual pleasure of others and I suspect that people do not see us as human beings who also crave forming tight bonds with others, relationships, security and love.

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