Fill in the blank dating questions

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This means to see if the question is worded differently than what is commonly used and then you may be able to find the correct answer.If the test maker did use a different type of phrase, it is wise to consider that as a way of finding the answer to the question and how it should be worded. Just because you have looked for clues does not mean you have to read to much into the test question, which leads us to the next strategy, do not look for hidden meanings.

These tests will only require hardly more than an accurate recollection of those facts.Wouldn’t you love to see what they put in a note for you?!If you both struggle with Valentine’s Day romance, split up the pack and share!We love Valentine’s Day around here – a whole day dedicated to LOVE!? This year we thought it would be fun to create a few Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine’s Love Notes!We are so grateful for the sweet Amanda of A-Manda Creation for creating 10 adorable cards with a blank space for you to fill in and rock your Valentine’s Day!

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