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In fact, you don’t need to be a millionaire, tall, young and handsome to get laid with a beautiful Filipino woman.If you have tried some online dating site in your home country, and you are not the TV’s star type, or own a big house and a beautiful car, or have six packs, the chances to meet some decent women are nearly none. Western women’s mentality is so superficial to look for the bad boys in town to spice up their life, preferably with a lot of men and Silver Stallone body.After 4 days I narrowed the 4 girls down 2 from Manila and 2 from Cebu but these girls are 8-10s and they are actually humble not stuck up.I also have one from Makati but she’s a real freak send me naked pictures on the first Skype session!!I usually open with a line like – “is that smile for me? When talking to them on Skype I usually just follow your advice which is to be yourself and smile and talk with confidence and let them do the most talking. Anyways another method I use to open on them is to make a joke about anything they’ve written on their page, for example – if she says I don’t like bad boys – I just say but I am a bad boy and they just laugh saying “no way you’re a good guy.”I have tried Filipino Cupid and that site is just crazy.I showed my animals to them immediately try to make them laugh. As soon as I made my page, I had 5 interest and messages in less than 5 minutes.If you are the average Tom, most probably you get rejected all the time by women. Most Filipino women will be shy to meet you at first, this is part of their culture.

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As you most known women tend to be less attracted to man’s physical appearance, for a woman the most important thing to her is how you make her feel when you interact with her.

Philippine cities offer a bit of everything, from good girls looking for a solid relationship to the slut university girls looking for a nightstand.

Moving off the beaten path, where tourists are rarely seen, you can meet some cute and love caring Filipino woman using online dating.

I’m talking about quality girls with no kids, a good job, speak proper English and they are looking for the real thing, not your money.

She wants to meet a foreign man because she is attracted by your exotic futures as you are attracted to hers.

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