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The resulting maps are surprising, we knew cats are used to roam around the neighborhood during the night, but nobody could imagine that some of the cats walked as far as 3km.

Share Show Dropdown Tweet Stumble Pin It Email See all captions By icguy34 Repost - Vote - Recaption Comments Upvoted 205 Kitteh Science 187 The best part 175 10 Secrets Pet Parents Will Never Reveal About Themselves 168 Cats Are The Worst Alarm Clocks (10 Gifs and Photos) 110 we want owr mom back Hot Today 1 20 Priceless Indoor Cat Reactions Of Going Outside For The First Time 2 15 Times Cats Facial Expressions Expressed Their Deep Hilarious Thoughts 3 A Broken Hearted Dog Now Fosters Kittens!Product reviews posted by customers at the web's most famous e-commerce site,, are a useful tool when buying online, but it seems some customers have too much time on their hands and have been playing around with them. You don't necessarily have to be a dog owner to resonate with these tweets, all you need is to be a dog lover -- which, I'm pretty confident, we all are.So, get ready to howl with laughter at these 27 insanely relatable tweets! If you love cats and got a great sense of humor, you'll love these life-size cat butt tissue dispensers!And while it may be considered completely unnecessary, it's amazing and makes us smile. So take a moment to sit back and relax, and enjoy all the good bois and girls this list has to offer! Owner @Chiko Channel shared some valuable insight into the process of creating the car and the video: "What I actually did and noticed 1) It was more difficult than I thought to find just the right size parts. 3) Even if you try to put the cat in the car by force, the cat dislikes it.Check out the items below along with a hysterical video! And just in case you're having a ruff day and need an extra lift, check out these doggo memes -- that should cure just about anything All cat owners can concur that living with a feline is never boring! It is necessary to wait for that time" Once a week, we will be featuring an extraordinary animal account on Instagram!

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