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Here are some I’ve found that do most anything you could want.

Live Chat Script – Appropriately and simply named, this chat script suffers from a somewhat poorly planned website.

All of this is to build trust because you can’t be there to assure users that you’re trustworthy. With a single click, live users can be transferred to a direct conversation with an employee of your company, ready and willing to answer any questions they may have.

If they’re on the edge of converting, or they have a concern they can’t find addressed in your FAQ, you can answer it and get the sale on the spot.

Again, the free version is a little limited, but it’s not that bad to buy a premium license.

PHP Live Chat – This particular chat script, obviously enough, runs on PHP and My SQL, which most sites will have on the back-end.

Olark, Unbounce’s live chat script, is one option you have for a chat plugin.

I don’t know that I’d call it one of the top three to recommend, however, and for one reason.

All of these are examples of scripts that connect a user to a real human being, one who is standing by ready to answer any questions – and follow up on leads – when presented with them.According to Unbounce, specifically using their chat script, the mere presence of the script is reassuring and beneficial.Users are as much as three times more likely to return to your site if they used the chat to talk to one of your employees.Is this true, or do the plugins connect to real employees, and do they really work? A professional design is a lot more trustworthy than something thrown together with tables in Netscape Composer.Think about a website conversion as a matter of trust. That’s important because those spots get most of the traffic that goes through the search engine. Users trust that Google knows how trustworthy a site is. A blog is all about building a reputation as a knowledgeable entity, someone who knows their stuff and isn’t afraid to support their products.

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