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A different explanation in the finished version would be a much preferred direction.

Suggestions I can think of would be (although I don't like any of these much either): He was ostracized by his former friends and peers so much he just gave up on ever being popular or dating, he was so embarrassed by the way he was treated that he moved/dropped out/became home-schooled, or (and this is the best option I've got so far for the self-esteem route) You can hve him wake up back at the beginning of the day, saying that his failure was just a terrible terrible bad dream. It took me a day or so to come up with it, but it could very easily replace the Self Esteem meter, and frankly, for purposes of the game, wouldn't change a thing except the seriousness of failure. Let's be honest, High School was never anything more than a popularity contest for some people, and if the education is crappy, then being popular is all that matters. well, your social life is as good as dead, so you could explain it that way.

So, what's a girl to do to keep Senpai for herself?

Why, remove any rivals for Senpai's affection by any means necessary!

" I laughed so much on that XDDD I dont know much about programing but it all looks rly nice just so far Ive played it twice and I always die XD Can wait to see more of it Holy crap, I kept seeing your posts but never thought you were actually making a game! Knowing how the general bend of the fandom often goes heh. 2nd, too much smex/nudity in the game may make the game too 'tasteless.' Your main selling point should be the story and conflict the character goes through. Personally, i'd like to see a little but wouldn't be upset if there was none. I only have like, 100 or 50 bucks to spend a month. That has to be the WORST idea for a health gauge I have ever encountered, and if the demo was any indicator, I want nothing to do with a game as lacking in intelligence and tact as this.^^; Okay, after giving it some serious thought, I have come up with a bullet list of things I disliked about the game. Now, personally, this is probably me being overly sensitive, but even if you guys were JOKING that the main character would die from losing all self-esteem, you should have realized that joke is in poor taste.Because, quite frankly, people do die from lack of self-esteem. I have lost people close to me like this once too often in life, so I think I should know what I am talking about.Even the development process itself, due to its unusual openness and the creator's interactions with the community, has accumulated a large number of tropes.The official website, which has a link to any current builds, can be found here.

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