Dustin and heather real world dating

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In 2004, ; Julie married longtime boyfriend Spencer Rogers, a surgeon.

The same year, she participated in ; This southern beauty was up to her wide, innocent eyes in trouble from the start.

Ousted roommate Adam Royer is still in contact with housemate and hook-up Nany Gonzalez, and we can only assume he is no longer in the mtv created bubble that shields the cast from most forms of technology.

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Last week, we posted a segment focusing on an interview with Dustin in which he detailed his career in the gay porn industry.David admitted of the incident with Tami had an impact of its career. Ironically, he and Tami have daughters that attend the same high school.Then An almost immediate enemy of controversial bike messenger Puck, AIDS educator Pedro Zamora was open about both his sexuality and his HIV-positive status.However, does their relationship come to a screeching halt when Heather discovers the skeletons in his closet? She’s exactly what I would hope for,” but he plays coy when asked if the couple survives his secret past being revealed.Like any good reality star who knows it’s all about viewership, he responds, “That’s one of those things where you’re just going to have to watch.

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