Dns server reverse lookup zone not updating

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This applies to Windows 2000 Professional and all newer operating systems.For domain controllers, due to the importance of keeping up to date and accurate SRV and other records, the Netlogon service will attempt to update these records every 60 minutes.The use of Name Protection in the Windows Server® 2008 R2 operating system prevents name squatting by non-Windows-based computers.“ DHCP Name Protection The DNSupdateproxy group must be secured if Name Protection is enabled on any IPv4 scope Credentials for DNS update should be configured if secure dynamic DNS update is enabled and the domain controller is on the same host as the DHCP serverIf there is no timestamp, such as a manually created, static record, it will not get scavenged.Also, if all servers, including DCs, are automatically updating their own record, then there is no fear of losing their records, because for one, their records (timestamps) are current, therefore scavenging won’t touch them, and two, Windows Servers by default will update their records every 24 hours, with the exception of domain controllers at every 60 minutes.Therefore, even if they were to scavenge these records, assuming the time stamp has ever been reached, the machines will refresh themselves anyway!

Name squatting does not present a problem on a homogeneous Windows network where Active Directory® Domain Services (AD DS) can be used to reserve a name for a single user or computer.” DHCP Step-by-Step Guide: Demonstrate DHCP Name Protection“Name squatting occurs when a non-Windows-based computer registers in Domain Name System (DNS) with a name that is already registered to a computer running a Windows® operating system.This is because the client will not update itself due to the current record in DNS is beyond the lease period.This happens even though DHCP registered the record.Note: “This is a modified configuration supported for DHCP servers running Windows Server 2008 and DHCP clients.In this mode, the DHCP server always performs updates of the client’s FQDN, leased IP address information, and both its host (A) and pointer (PTR) resource records, regardless of whether the client has requested to perform its own updates.” “With secure dynamic update, only the computers and users you specify in an ACL can create or modify dns Node objects within the zone.

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