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“I think images of disability and sexuality either tend to be absent – disabled people being presented as asexual – or else perverse and hypersexual,” he says.The key attitudes identified by Shakespeare appear as threads throughout myth and literature, from classical times onwards.What the audience can’t see though is the hearing condition that means she must work hard to follow the beat during her glamorous routine.

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As Cicero wrote: “In deformity and bodily disfigurement, there is good material in making jokes.” This may explain an assumption often made in the past – that it was better to shield disabled people from reaching out for sexual relationships rather than risk the potential of being rejected.Disabled people’s sexuality has been suppressed, exploited and, at times, destroyed over many centuries.It has been seen as suspect, set apart and different from the sexuality of non-disabled people. It remains one of the few evidence-based studies in the field.The capacity audience at the ornate Epstein Theatre in Liverpool is enraptured by her sensual beauty.Burlesque, she says in an interview, gives her a way of communicating through costume, routine and dance – which she does with panache.

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