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He followed this quite literally overnight success – one morning he could walk to the shops unnoticed; the next morning he couldn’t – by signing up to what would become the biggest TV show of all time, a cultural event of such seismic…oh, it’s Game of Thrones, you know Game of Thrones even if you’re one of those irritating people who loudly disclaim that you’ve never watched an episode because ‘dragons are for kids’ or however you justify your detachment from the zeitgeist, the fact is you still know Game of Thrones – sex and battles and, yes, dragons – even if you mightn’t know that Dempsie plays the blacksmith Gendry, bastard son of King Robert Baratheon and one of the few plausible (and surviving)claimants to the Iron Throne. Who could blame him for seeking an escape from the maelstrom?

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“In any walk of life, your close friends and immediate colleagues are the ones that inspire you, and make you want to push on.” Skins informed his career in two crucial ways.

You’re able to talk around the subject.” A career in politics awaits. Before you know it, Brexit will be being negotiated by Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage – and I'd much rather they were doing it than Theresa May.” (Based on recent months, Hodor would do a better job than Theresa May.

Ideally you'd want Tyrion sat opposite Jean-Claude Juncker, although Lyanna Mormont would be fun.) His life was forever changed.

It made his name, offering opportunities that a young actor could only dream of; it also offered “a little slice of what it must be like to be Harry Styles”– exist as an object of desire and fascination for a certain type of teenager.

“It was a very specific age group,” says Dempsie of the superfans.

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