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Lots of cortisol is triggered as you learn that you cannot trust the world to meet your needs for you.

This independence is natural, for a species can only survive if each generation learns to meet its needs without its parents.

As the keeper explained the brani and outs of mandrill life, I dting many traits characteristic of baboons.

I asked her about this and she told me that mandrills are less violent than baboons.

The majority of energy used to get a freight train moving in one direction is used up in the initial process of getting the train up to speed.

Feminine energy is a disco ball, masculine energy is a laser beam.

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That actually promotes genetic survival because the pain you associate with the old attachment leaves you available for a new attachment.

When the expectation of being cared for is disappointed, it can feel like a survival threat.

Childhood is a luxury evolved by mammals, but it comes with a painful transition from dependence to independence.

Drab gray Mle sit around watching more colorful guys get all the action.

Females end up frustrated because they all go for dahing same guy. Cooperation can raise his status too, but only if he cooperates with a barin who succeeds at ousting a rival.

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