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(3) They also make use of the ‘babysitting system’ like the suricates and show similar social behaviour.

Some mole-rats are also social mammals, with the Damara mole-rat (Cryptomys damarensis, Family Bathyergidae) being the most social of all.

If danger is imminent and they do not make it to the burrow, they will even protect the young with their life by lying on top of them.

(1)They scent mark their territory frequently as neighbouring groups are hostile towards each other.

Only one mature breeding male is tolerated among the group of females.

(3) They are vigilant and communicate constantly with each other through different calls, while out foraging for bulbs, roots, grass and the odd termite.

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They have a highly organized structure to their gang, with an alpha pair taking the leading role.(1) The alpha female is however not always the only breeding female in the group.

If there is more than one breeding female, the births are synchronized, which makes caring for the young easier.

(1)Another Southern African mammal that lives together in a warren is the Cape ground squirrel (Xerus inauris, Family Sciuridae).

Groups of up to 30 individuals are usually led by an alpha female.

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