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I have eat since then, in spite of my wife, Full fifty Ingions each day of my life.

Though I have munch'dripe peaches with Grange, Yet I never have sought or sighed for a change. .^ P'''''^ ^ ^T'^ communicated the following ac- count of a Dream, m which the same potent vegetable also figures conspicuously : ^ gciauxe cubo « Mr. ^.» * 1 1 '^^^ ^"^^'^ papers, the Mediatorial Galaxy not exceoted Wv . '-'^'ds during the continuance of the stom, and are only just beginnmg to come again under weigh.

And whoso wishes to read me right Will find me a staunch old Onionite. SC 'V'tr ^T'^'' ^"^ ™'«h^P« oc Jasion^b Tth^ m Sed an S for^^^^ They have already apprised us of the" dis! ' \Jt Z ^^^^P'^^t^^^d to us the melancholy condition to which the latter were reduced, compelled as thev were tl h.e /« ^M X-n TJ^r even m the extremity of their misery, to hoist signah^^^Sl^i they have given us reason to apprehend the mosf serioustotequenc" s if -11 I li 'i II ■f : I!

mantled and forlorn condition, not only of the manv merehantm^ and pnvateers who had been exposed to i[s violence™ but e Ten in Z^ th Twn'onr-^-r' *"!? ' ' 10 from the loss of stores and ballast, which several vessels, previously well ftrovisiotied, incurred in the coui-se of it. He turn up he littel eye, an say, ' D your eyes, mama,' and die like a lamb.' The pathos of this dialogue communicated such a shock to my feelings, that I could resist them no longer, and awaking suddenly, found myself in my berth in the good ship Mediator, with the black steward standing at my bedside." To shew that we do not deal altogether in the humorous, I subjoin the following lines by the author of the preceding song : — "An Evening at Sea, after a Storm.

i'hich I once in- 9 I'm for the root, I'm for the root, Upon this theme I can't be mute, M^ith its green above, and its white below, And fragrance %vheresoe'er it grow. When rabbits are boil'd, and mutton is hash'd, They both should be smother'd in onions, well raash'd. For her darling duck will tears supply, I ne'er sat down to a roasted goose. Onion, thy savory juice, And backward flew from her brawny breast, Like a bird that seeketh her mother's nest, And my mother, I'm sure, she was fond of thee, *or I m marked with an Inffion upon my knee. " The root was ripe in the autumn mom, The seed was sav'd, when I was born.

The ploughman whistled, his Onion gnaw'd As out of the bed a whacker he claw'd, And never was nurse so heard to scold, For I squalled for an Onion at two days old.

Un des symboles suivants apparattra sur la dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le cas: le symbols — ► signifie "A SUIVRE ", le symbols V signifie "FIN". PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY AND BOTANY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. seems in reality but little difference between the wide distribution of an unpublished work, and the act of its publication, I have purposely confined the impression of this little volume to the number of one hundred copies.

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre filmds d des taux de reduction diffdrents. If a man \vould study human nature in and for itself, he must tal;e a much larger tour than that of Europe The tour of Europe is like the en- tertainment that Plutarch speaks of, which Pompey's host of Eplrus gave him. It has therefore appeared to me, that in a Work of such limited circulation, no greater degree of delicacy was called for in mentioning the names of the indi- viduals with whom I had been thrown into contact, than ought in propriety to have been observed re- specting them, in the general intercourse of society, or in one's correspondence with private friends.

or the symbol V (meaning "END"), whichever applies." We've niggers clad in calicos, Handy as any waiter. " There's shampain twice a week, d'ye see, And hosheons of the crathur And brandy punch, and good bohee. " A learned pundit too, is here, A fine young demonstrator, Who sends up kites, and loses 'em Aboard the Mediator. " And blooming samples ( Stern life's ameliator, of the sex. Aboard the Mediator." In order to contribute my quota to the general stock, I sent )■■ I i (.» ■ \. " For as thou sitt'st, thine eye seems fraught With such intensity of thought— That superhuman knowledge Would seem to breathe in every mew, And learning yet undreamt by you, Who teach in hall and college. Thine eye seems wandering through eternity— What happiness were mine." We've gay guitars, and wry-necked fifes, And a comic i-eoitator. Whose beaming smiles the soul perplex, Aboard the 3Iediator. Could I then catch the thoughts that flow, Thoughts siich as ne'er were hatched below, ' But in a brain like thine. then throiighout the livelong day With thee I'd sit, and purr away In ecstasy sublime ; Since from thy face, as from a book, I'd drink in science at each look, Nor fear the lapse of time." August 5^The Gazette seems to improve in interest, llie subject of Onions serves as the seasoning to many a friendly controversy, both in verse and prose. Duer has sent us an amusing parody upon the ordinary style of newspaper corre- spondence, in an invective against onion eating, which I regret to find too long for insertion in my journal.Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at different reduction ratios.Those too large to be entirely included in one exposure are filmed beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to right and top to bottom, as many frames as required. ' .1 I % 6 i:)2 5 the at : as 80J( wig imj inc can onl ord pasi sioi the ^ tell pro "^29/7 PREFACE.

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