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Still, , many folks, both gay and straight, don’t want to date bi people. (I think I’ve only been propositioned for threesomes a half a dozen times in my years of being out on dating profiles). Especially if you’re trying to find a monogamous relationship. Those are some pros and cons, here’s what I’ve heard from other folks debating whether or not to display their bisexuality on their dating profiles: You’re newly out and every potential romantic partner you tell is no longer interested in you after you come out to them Then yes, put bi on your profile!

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You want to alleviate any first date anxiety, and letting them know before the first date can help you feel more comfortable and less anxious on it.Even though Thailand is famous for sex tourism, the normal girls here aren’t that open minded and rather conservative (see paragraph ‘pictures’). So if you really found someone that interests you, make sure to take it slow, be nice and polite and use ‘good’ words in order to get the conversation into a more familiar territory. Any other / more experiences in using Thai dating apps? I’d say the most common question I get from bi folks, specifically newly out bi men, is “Should I put that I’m bi on my online dating profile?Now after having used Tinder or Ok Cupid at home might have worked somewhat, more often than not those dating profiles you used back then don’t work that well over here in Thailand. There are so many ‘bad boys’ here in Thailand that the nice guy actually kind of stands out.Even you super awesome / funny picture doesn’t do the trick. So don’t be and – most importantly – don’t look like an ass.

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