Datingin the workplace

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Not all relationships last forever, of course, but if and when the relationship between manager and subordinate ends, the work relationship may need to continue.

That can be uncomfortable for both parties as well as for co-workers. Her work has been published in "Entrepreneur," "Complete Woman" and "Toastmaster," among many other trade and professional publications.

The Society for Human Resource Management and Career conducted a Workplace Romance survey in 2006 and found that only 9 percent of the HR professionals surveyed indicated that dating among employees was prohibited in their organizations.

More than 70 percent did not have formal written or verbal policies dealing with romantic relationships.

Although most companies don't have a written policy many The third step they recommend is to develop an appropriate relationship dating policy in the workplace.

It could be as strict as no one is to have any relationship other than business relationships in the workplace or as simple as keep your personal life at home and when you're at work keep it professional.

The both of you can get in trouble because of it, which makes dangerous for her (and you)…

– Some companies have a “zero contact policy”, meaning relationships between employees are not allowed.

Some companies such as Xerox have a policy that states if you have a direct connection to the one you are having a relationship with you have to have your position changed.

After all, the workplace is where most people spend the majority of their waking hours.

But, when those co-workers are in a manager/subordinate relationship, the problems can be even more pronounced.

About why dating in the workplace is harder than anywhere else… It’s more difficult to get women at work than in other places because it’s a closed environment. or they’ll call her a slut behind her back for as long as she works there.

– When the manager/boss finds out, the first thing he/she will worry about is if your relationship (even if it was just a one night stand) will affect your and your date’s performance at work.

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