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Aside from very basic characteristics, many of the characters' traits and even personalities can change from strip to strip, usually depending on the writer.

For example, usually Archie is very good at any given sport but sometimes he is the worst player on the team.

There are some similar inconsistencies regarding the source of the Lodge's wealth; some stories depict Mr.

Lodge as a self-made man who grew up in a poor part of Riverdale (who thus wants his daughter to study in a public high school to avoid making her a snob), while others depict the Lodge family as "old money" with a long history of wealth and a gallery of pictures of famous wealthy relatives.

Sometimes he is caught, sometimes he gets away with it.

Moose states Reggie will pay for kissing "his girl", Midge, and Reggie will give him money, or an IOU, but it backfires.

Occasionally, it will be Archie who gets caught for some reason talking to Midge (almost always in a nonromantic way i.e. Another story line has Archie and his friends help Pop Tate get more business, or they prevent a greedy businessman from shutting him down.

De Carlo is primarily responsible for the modern look of the Archie characters, and the creation of popular Archie spin-off characters Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Josie and the Pussycats. The Archie characters have been continually successful in other mediums since the comic's inception.

The enduring Archie legacy has spanned dozens of Archie titles, including spin-offs, digest collections, and magazines focused on particular characters. The Archie Andrews radio program debuted May 31, 1943 and ran on various networks until September 5, 1953.

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